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Baking with a Passion

As a young girl, I often watched my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. I was able to see the joy that baking gave them and soon found that same joy when I got in the kitchen. All of my items are made from scratch with the best quality ingredients. But more importantly, they're made from the heart. Each dessert that I create makes me smile, and I hope that you get the same feeling when tasting one of my sweet treats!


What's New?

My newest item is "Dash's Dog Cake". If you need a sweet treat for your fur babies, this is it! This 2 layer 5 inch cake is perfect for your dog's birthday or any celebration.

These new dog cakes are $30. This 10-12 serving cake will be a delicious treat for your dog and their furry friends. It is peanut butter & pumpkin flavored. Your dog will be barking for another slice!

Check Out Some of My Featured Items!

Multi Layer Cake

Prices vary by size, layers, and flavor. 


1 Dozen Cupcakes

Prices vary by flavor.


1 Dozen Pecan Macarons

This item is gluten free that contains nuts.


1 Dozen Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Prices vary with the addition of nuts.


Sweet Treat Box

Prices vary with an increased box size.


It's Cake Time!

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Daily: 10:00am - 7:00pm

All orders must be placed 5 days prior to pick up. Specialty boxes must be order 1 week prior to pick up.